Pop Ark
pop ark

Pop Ark is in search of a stimulating approach to life after global warming. What is happiness when drowned polar bears are washed ashore because they could not find a piece of ice to save them? And when you can no longer trust the sun?

Like Al Gore’s much discussed film “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Pop Ark” is at once a slide show, rhetorical seduction, and mechanical theater. A lo-tech juke box style machine that drives the sprawling installation makes do with motors, gears, and seven kilobytes. Inside the Ark one discovers a creative zone conceived as a geodesic commune based on Youtube, whose teenage video bloggers inspired this work with their rambling thoughts on global warming. A vessel; put together with language, light spectacle and Bill Cosby, on a perilous journey towards a merciful sun.
Pop Ark: by New York artist Noah Fischer in collaboration with sculptor Prem Makeig (NY) and musicians Gregoire Paultre (FR) and Ronnie Bass (NY).

Pop Ark at Kunstenfestivaldesarts