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andcompany&Co. is an international performance-collective, which was founded in 2003 by Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord and Sascha Sulimma to work with artistic partners on the interface of theater & theory, politics & practice. Their performances are a humorous game with facts & fiction, which packs bits and pieces of aesthetic & philosophical projects of the 20th and 21st century musically and mixes them into a new political statement.

Their working methods functions accordingly as re-mixes and re-animation, a principle that the &Co.-abbreviation already pays tribute to: &CoLABs is the name of the experimental laboratories and performance-lectures, which precedes or accompanies their theatre-works, which take place on location, like revolutionary timing in 2006 with Noah Fischer in the AT&T building in Lower Manhattan, NY or WARLAB with the visual artist Jan Brokof and the new music ensemble MAE in 2010 in Mülheim, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Their first major stage-work for urbanites – after the big cities was developed and performed on the occasion of the closure of the TAT (Theater am Turm) on May 31st, 2004.

Their work little red (play): ‘herstory’ (2006) received international attention and was invited to numerous festivals like the KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS 07 in Brussels or to the Wiener Festwochen in May 2008. In fall 2008 it won the price of the NRW CULTURsecretariat at the festival favoriten – Theaterzwang.

The second part Time Republic was premiered at the festival steirischer herbst in 2007 and toured extensively through Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain to Festival de las Artes de Castilla y Leon, Salamanca (ES).

In August 2008 andcompany&Co. went on a research-tour to Russia:Mausoleum Buffo, the third and last part, had its premiere beginning 2009 at HAU 2, also went on an extended tour through Europe and was shown end of 2009 on the festival IMPULSE, in February 2010 in Alexandria and in April at PAZZ Festival in Oldenburg. It ends the ‘trilogy of reunion with the 20th century’, which began in fall 2006, led into space one year to finally land on the red square (see BUFFO-Blog): “Run, comrade, the old world is after you!”

In Berlin, Budapest and Stuttgart andcompany&Co. developed a game-show out of Heiner Müllers play The Hamletmachine: end of drama, begin of game. In the 2008 edition of Theater Heute andcompany&Co. was mentioned by Christine Wahl as “best upcoming directors” and voted by the readers of the internet-magazine "nachtkritik" on place 2 for the virtual “Theatertreffen”.

For the festival Theaterformen andcompany&Co. worked with the young Schauspiel Hannover and developed a piece with 16 youngsters about boredom, idleness and pastime: City Circus Zero Work is an homage to the Hannover artist Kurt ‘Merz’ Schwitters. The piece was incorporated into the repertoire and was shown in the season 2009/10. With CITY CIRCUS ZERO WORK andcompany&Co. was again voted on place no. 2 of the virtual Theatertreffen of the online-magazine nachtkritik.

End 2009 andcompany&Co. went back on stage themselves: WEST IN PEACE or the last summer of the Indians was premiered on the 17th of decembre 2009 at HAU 3 and is on tour. In Novembre it will also be shown in Tel Aviv.

In summer 2010 andcompany&Co. will produce FATZER BRAZ in Sao Paulo with Brazilian collaborators which will be shown in the fall in Germany. As preparation they did WARLABs in Mülheim, Amsterdam and Berlin.

In the fall 2010 andcompany&Co. will realize a Lenz-project in Berlin:PANDEMONIUM GERMANICUM. Only sometimes it feels unpleasant to them not to able to walk on their heads...

andcompany&Co. are artists-in-residence in Hebbel-im-Ufer (HAU) and thus have chosen Berlin as a focus for their work and life.