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Noah Fischer

Noah Fischer is a New York based artist and activist. He is a member of Occupy Museums and Gulf Labor. Initially Fischer’s practice encompassed kinetic installations (Rhetoric Machine, New York, Oliver Kamm Gallery, 2006, Pop Ark, Kunstenfestivaldesart and Steirischer Herbst 2007) experimental theater (collaborations with andcompany&co), and object making (Monitor, Clare Oliver Gallery, 2008). Following the financial crash, Fischer exited from the private art market, initiating an inquiry into mechanisms of inequality through performance in public space (Summer of Change, 2011). This practice collided with the Occupy Wall Street Movement where he performed in the park as a giant talking coin, and then became involved in direct action organizing, initiating Occupy Museums with a manifesto on October 19th, 2011. Fischer has played a central role in planning actions and experiments at MoMA, Frieze, Guggenheim, 7th Berlin Biennale, KM, and CCA Warsaw, uncovering a network of allies internationally. He is currently working on a platform concerned with debt in the arts along with artist Coco Fusco, and maintains a studio practice in Brooklyn.


Selected Exhibitions and Actions

2015 (upcoming) Gulf Labor in 56th Venice Biennale

2014 Work it Out, group exhibition at Momenta Art, NY

2014 Action Series: Guggenheim Museum, Who is Building the Guggeneheim Abu Dhabi? (Global Ultra Luxury Faction). New York, NY.

2014 Action: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ritual Rebranding of David Koch Plaza. NY, NY.

2013 Global Activism, curated by Peter Weibel, Linnea Semmerling, Joulia Strauss. ZKM Museum, Karlsrue, Germany.

2013 Winter Holiday Camp (accepted into Museum’s permanent collection 12/13), Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

2013 Queen Mother of Reality: BiBA Performa, collaboration with Pawel Althamer, Performa 13, New York.

2012 Seven Billion Bloombergs, Occupy your BFF at Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Occupy Museums at the 7th Berlin Biennale, curated by Artur Zmijewski and Joanna Warsza Berlin, Germany.

2012 It’s the Political Economy Stupid, performance with the Aaron Burr Society curated by Greg Sholette and Oliver Ressler, Austrian Cultural Forum, NY

2011 Action: Museum of Modern Art, Occupy Museums joins with Sotheby’s Workers. New York, NY.

2011 Occupy Printed Matter, Printed Matter, New York

2011 Summer of Change performance series with the Aaron Burr Society, Wall Street Stock Exchange, New York, NY

2011  Sweetcake Enso, Garrison Institute, New York.

2010  Lady Liberty: Story of a Torch Singer collaboration with Kalup Linzy, AIR Radio, NY

2010  Random Randal: Made in Kerala, R.L.V. College of Music and Fine Arts, Cochin, India

2009  Electrical Forest: Made in Troy, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY

2008  Monitor, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY

2008 Pop Ark, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria

De Internationale Keuze van de Rotterdamse Schouwbug Rotterdam, Netherlands

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Belgium

2006  Rhetoric Machine, Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery. New York

2007  Time Republic Tour with andcompany& Co, Steirishcer Herbst, Graz, Austria (Premier), Tour: Sophiensaele, Berlin, Riethalle, Zurich

2006  Revotionary Timing, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt

2005  Art Brussels, Installation for Oliver Kamm 5Be Gallery. Brussels, Belgium


Lectures, Panels, and Workshops

2015 Truth is Concrete Panel Discussion, Creative Time Reports and Goethe Institut, NY

2014 The Artist as Debtor Conference co-organized with Coco Fusco including Martha Rosler, Greg Sholette, William Powhida, Cooper Union Great Hall, New York, NY

2014 Work it Out: A Dialogue, Momenta Art, New York, NY.

2014 The Artist as Activist, RU Residency, New York, NY

2013 Art and Activism Symposium, ZKM Museum, Karlsrue, Germany

2013 Mobilize: International Activist Conference, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Radical Experimentation for Coaches, workshop, New Ventures West. San Francisco, CA

2012 Truth is Concrete, 24 Hour Marathon Camp, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz Austria

2012 Symposium on Sustainability and Art, Central European University, Budapest 

2011 The Significance of Art in OWS, Left Forum, New York

2011 Coin Return Artist Project, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

2010  Inter-visualities,Trans-Trends Forum, RLV College, Kochi, Kerala


2005 Fulbright Scholar (Independent Art Research), Netherlands

2004 MFA (Visual Art: New Genres) Columbia University New York

1999 BFA  (Sculpture, Art History) Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, RI



2010-2014, Rhode Island School of Design, Sculpture and Liberal Arts Departments

2011   Pratt Institute, New Media Department

2006   Columbia University, New York Ÿ Sculpture and Drawing



2015 “The Dark Arts” in The Enemy Reader (theenemyreader.org) Charlie White, ed.

2014 “A Global Debt Museum” in To The Square 2, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 “The Occupied Museum” Artleaks Gazette.

2014 “An Interview with Noah Fischer of Occupy Museums” in What’s Next: Kunst nach der Krise, Johannes Hedinger/Torsten Meyer, editors.

2014 “Occupying Museums” in Truth is Concrete: A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics  Edited by steirischer herbst & Florian Malzacher.

2013 “Lotus Petals” Brooklyn Rail, New York, NY.

2013 "Where is Occupy Now" Art F City.com

2012 “Random Randal, Global,” SalonIndus.com

2011 UN-Friezing Art for the 1%, Occupy.com

2011 “Occupying Tension” Inquiring Mind, Spring issue

2011 “Occupy Museums Manifesto (OWS)” Art Fag City.com, Washington Post, etc.

2011 “Trauma, the Subway, and the Voice” M/E/A/N/I/N/G 25th anniversary issue

2010 “Zen & the Art of American Revolution,” Zen Monster issue #3


Selected Press/Interviews

2015 Hyperallergic, “Accounting for Artist Debt”, 1/22

2015  eflux conversations, “Artist as Debtor Conference t Cooper Union” 1/22

2014 Art in America, “Protesting the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi: An Interview with GULF.”

2014 Newsweek, “Protesters Sneak into the Guggenheim, Make it Rain Bills.”

2013 Kritica Politycza: “Art needs a bailout. Noah Fischer in conversation”, 6/15

2012 Russia Today television, “OWS Talents and Ideas replace crowds on US streets”, 10/12

2012 CNN.com “Power: a digital arts gallery” 8/12

2012  Haaretz, “Go Because Everyone is Running” 6/12

2012  Art in America, “Art and the 99%” by Erin Sickler.

2012  Art Monthly, “The Occupy Effect on Contemporary Art” 9/12

2012  Frieze DE “An Occupied Biennial”

2011  Columbia Spectator, “Speaking with Noah Fischer, Occupy Museums creator” 12/03/11

2011  Art Fag City, “Why Karen Archy is Wrong About Occupy Museums” 10/21/11

2011  New York Times Artsbeat “Taking the Protests to the Art World, 10/21/11

2010 Kochivibe: The Inter University workshop on “InterVisuality

2009  Art21.org “Electrical Forest: Made in Troy”  Flash Points series.

2008  Timeout New York, “Noah Fischer, Monitor” by T.J Carlin 11/10/08

2008  Rhizome.org, “The Monitors” by Tyler Coburn 10/11/08

2008  Herbst Theorie Zur Praxis, (Graz, Austria)  “Save the World” by Noah Fischer, 09/01/08

2008  Kronen Zeitung (Graz, Austria) “Hilfe bei Notfallen und globalen Katastropehn” 10/04/08

2008  NEW Magazine, “Pop Ark” by Paul Kahn, 09/01/08

2008  Focus Vif (Brussels, Belgium), “Rhetoric Machine/Pop Ark” by M.V. 5/16/08

2008  Le Soir (Brussels), “Le Monde dan un Regard” Jean-Marie Wynants 5/13/08

2008  Arte News, “Un Festival Alarmiste Main Pas Fataliste” by Martine Dubois 5/01/08

2006  Artfagcity.com, “Best of 2006” by Paddy Johnson

2006  JamesWagner.com, “Noah Fischer at Oliver Kamm” by James Wagner 12/06

2006  NEW Magazine, The Crowds” by Noah Fischer 09/06

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2006  Journal Frankfurt. “Stopp! Würfelwurf. Theaterrevolutionäre” by Esther Boldt,

2005 Haarlem Dagblad “Schilderijen Vincent Van Gogh Vertellen Over Theo’s Martelaarschap”