Occupying Tension- essay for Inquiring Mind

http://www.inquiringmind.com/Articles/OccupyingTension.htmlThe night that we were evicted from Liberty Park, I spent the early hours of the morning struggling in the streets of Lower Manhattan with a few hundred disoriented & angry people. Hundred of cops in riot gear were chopping up the street into mazes of steel barricades.  They were forcefully deploying researched & effective crowd control strategy; we tried to unify our scraggly numbers and rally, but our endeavor proved to be futile and disheartening and it became gradually clear that the police had the upper hand.  We were losing: the tension in our bodies gradually easing into defeat toward the early hours of the morning. Among my company that night was a man patiently trying to unify the hot-headed crowds. He had been a student protester in Tiananmen Square. He said to me, “movements do not attract activists, they create them.” So all that night, even though we seemed to be losing, we were in fact learning. Our bodies were in position to feel the sensations of freedom and obstacle in the streets-rare and profound sensations. We were in the midst of grasping a new way together, and that’s why this is the beginning of my story, not the end. read rest of article here