The Artist as Debtor at Cooper Union
Mercy Machine Video Released

Manifesto Currency: Priests of Growth

Portfolio 2015

G.U.L.F Guggenheim Actions

Manifesto Currency mask and video projects at ZKM Museum

Manifesto Currency: Value of Occupy

Manifesto Currency: Mask of Money

Winter Holiday Camp at CCA/Warsaw
Queen Mother's Journey
Trauma (Manifesto Currency)

Bradley Manning Video

Debt Medallion

Radical Experimentation for Coaches

DebtFair Launch

OWS talents and ideas replace crowds on U.S. streets

Debt Coin on Russia Today

Action is Concrete

"Power of Gold" for
Lincoln defaced

Spinning Liberty

Occupy Museums at the 7th Berlin Biennial

Rhode Island School of Design Scultpture Alumni
Occupy Museums, January 13 @ MoMA

Occupy Museums(OWS)

Summer of Change: Distribution of 10,000 Lincoln Pennies

Summer of Change @ #occupywallstreet

RT America

Summer of Change@ #occupywallstreet

Summer of Change: Distribution of 2000 Jefferson Nickels

Summer of Change: Distribution of 1000 Roosevelt Dimes

Distribution of 400 Washington Quarters

Distribution of 200 Kennedy Half-Dollars

Summer of Change

Distribution of 100 Greenback and Liberty Dollars

Summer of Change Launch


Liberty Gold

In Gold We Rust

Random Randal

Electrical Forest


Pop Ark

Rhetoric Machine

Revolutionary Timing